Claim Your Beauty

  Our lessons often pop up when we least expect them, and this is exactly what happened to me one August day in 2005. I had spent the day facilitating a workshop in Vancouver with two colleagues, Lee and Doreen. At the end of the first day, the three of us went out to supper to discuss workshop events and plan for the following day. Naturally the conversation moved to our personal lives. Because I'm single, Doreen asked how I was doing in the relationship department. I revealed that I had recently enlisted the services of a matchmaking company. "The thing is, I don't like writing my own profile," I admitted. "The sample profiles I saw all started with, 'I am attractive, I am beautiful'... and I was advised to follow this approach because men often use appearance as a key factor in selecting dates. But saying 'I'm beautiful' is too in-your-face for me." "It's not that I think I am ugly," I clarified. "I just don't lo

5 Campaign Online Marketing Tips

  Increasingly more sites and companies with websites recognize the importance of driving traffic to their site. The concept behind marketing is to catch the attention of consumers and possible customers as efficiently as possible. For lots of, campaign Internet marketing is the only way to do so. Project marketing helps to strike your target market in numerous ways. Campaign marketing can be an amazing tool for some, but can be a problem and nuisance for others . These 5 pointers will help you to get your Internet marketing project off to the right start. Know your Target The most crucial thing for you to be able to do is to entirely define and evaluate your target audience. If you are going to have an Internet marketing campaign you need to make sure that you understand exactly who you are trying to talk to.. This details will assist you to effectively reach your consumers, making your marketing effective. Be Clear and Concise If you desire to have a suc

Concept of Beauty is Universal

  Beauty is a property associated with human beings. This could be considered even as a characteristic. Beauty is not only related to human beings. Beauty can be associated with locations, certain concepts, certain things etc as well. This property or characteristic named beauty makes other people happy about it. Any thing beautiful is a joy for others to watch. The word beauty was originally taken from Greek language. According to the Greek interpretation, the word's meaning was - according to one's hour . This has philosophical implications as it implies that every thing beautiful has to belong to its time. So any one who is trying to look too younger or older for their actual age cannot be considered beautiful!! Now the concept of beauty is universal. But the way people from one geographical location analyze beauty can be different from the perception of beauty as looked at from some one from a different geographical

Ten Beauty Basics You Should Never Be Without!

  With the current economy, we are all looking to stretch our budget as far as it can go. However, many of us still want to look and feel good about our appearance . Beauty products can be something that we simply do not, or cannot, include in our budget. This list of beauty basics helps you to prioritize what you should have in your makeup bag, purse, tote, or office desk drawer at all times. You can keep up your gorgeous appearance while still meeting your budget! 1. Mascara.  Great mascara can open up your eyes, give you a look of being awake and alert and is an easy way to look a bit more polished and professional. Beauty Basic Tip:  Stick to basic brown or black for work, try a colored mascara to take your look from day to evening! 2. Concealer . Concealer is a must-have for any make up bag! Brighten up dark circles under your eyes, cover up a blemish, or help even out some ruddiness in your skin tone. Beauty Basic